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MP Pinecone Designs

Nature - Inspired






I’m originally from Wheeling, WV and am back living here again!  Being here is giving me more of an opportunity to be out and about...enjoying what Nature has to offer. What a better way to celebrate Nature's cast-offs, than to form them into something beautiful to be enjoyed year round.

Losing my job as a proofreader at a patent law firm in New York City, made me realize it was time to get creative again. I went to Art School many years ago and my fingers were itching to get, I started MP Pinecone Designs in January 2009.

Many of my creations are one-of-a-kind.  All of the pinecones are collected by me and sometimes left natural or painted before being assembled into a wreath or Christmas decoration & then, coated with a clear acrylic spray so they'll stay fresh for a long time.  Everything is  NATURE-INSPIRED.

Display the wreaths indoors or outdoors...if out, keep them under an awning & out of the rain. Water will make the cones close up, & even though they will re-open...the integrity of the wreath may change. If a wreath has nuts on it, & your home is in an area where squirrels roam, just be aware they’ll want to eat them!

My HANDMADE SOAPS, CANDLES & BEARD OILS are all thoughtfully handcrafted to reflect the scents and colors I find in Nature and are a perfect

accompaniment to my other creations.

Please let me know if you have any questions, especially about all the   

arts & crafts fairs that I do. Contact info. is at the bottom of the site.


About MP Pinecone Designs


Upcoming Fairs & Festivals for MP Pinecone Designs
* Queer Craft Market (Pride Edition) - Pittsburgh, PA - June 16
* Saturday Night Market - Pittsburgh, PA - July 13
* Moon Market - Butler, PA - July 19
* Moonlight Market - Morgantown, WV - July 20
* Friday Night Market - Pittsburgh, PA - July 26
* Saturday Night Market - July 27
* Golden Glow Christkindlmarkt - Dallas, TX - August 7
* Saturday Night Market - Pittsburgh, PA - August 17
* Jackson's Mill Jubilee - Weston, WV - Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
* Wild Wind Folk Arts Festival - Pittsfield, PA - Sept. 7-8
* Oglebayfest - Wheeling, WV - Oct. 4-6
* Christmas in the Woods - Shaker Woods, Columbiana, OH - Oct. 12-13
* Christmas in the Woods - Shaker Woods, Columbiana, OH - Oct. 19-20
* Saturday Night Market - Pittsburgh, PA - Oct. 26
* Harmony Weinachtsmarkt - Harmony, PA - Nov. 9-10
* Viva Bavaria Christkindlmarkt - Cleveland, OH - Dec. 7-8

*** MORE tbd in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, etc.

List of Soap Scents
APPALACHIAN TRAIL - beer, pipe tobacco & bourbonwood
BLACKSMITH - leather, tobacco & bourbon
DESERT - heather, bergamot & mahogany
EARTH - dirt & fresh cut grass
FOREST WALK - cedar, lavender & amber 
GARDEN - rosemary, tomato & peppermint
LAVENDER FIELDS - lavender & Spring flowers 
LOG CABIN - amber, tobacco & cedar

LUMBERJACK - flannel, rum & pine 
MEADOW - lily, rose, lilac & fresh cut grass 
MIDNIGHT MOON - oak moss, bergamot & sandalwood

MISTLETOE - balsam, berry, orange & clove (out of stock till August)
MORNING DEW  - citrus, oa
k moss & linen
MOUNTAINEER beard soap - cedar & leather

PINECONE - mahogany & pine
PINE TREE - pine & birch
RAIN - rain, fresh bamboo & jasmine
RAIN FOREST - eucalyptus, lemon & mint
REINDEER MOSS - ginger, cucumber & fresh cut grass
RUSTIC WOODS - nutmeg, clove, maple & pumpkin 
SNOWFLAKE - snow, pepp
ermint & cinnamon (out of stock till August)
STARGAZER - frankincense, myrrh & nag champa
SUMMER BREEZE - ginger, clover & crisp cotton 
SUNSHINE - orange & sweet tart lemon
WINDY DAY - unscented
WOODLAND CHRISTMAS - fraser fir, pine & mistletoe (out of stock till August)
ZEN GARDEN - orange blossom & jas


Get in Touch

Michael Pappa 

MP Pinecone Designs

12 Campbell Terrace

Wheeling, WV 26003


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