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MP Pinecone Designs







I’m originally from Wheeling, WV and have lived in many places...but now I live in beautiful Colorado. Being here is giving me more of an opportunity to be out and about...enjoying what Nature has to offer, and what a better way to celebrate Nature's cast-offs, than to form them into something beautiful to be enjoyed year - round.

Losing my job as a proofreader at a patent law firm in New York City, made me realize it was time to get creative again. I went to Art School many years ago and my fingers were itching to get busy...so, I started MP Pinecone Designs in January 2009.

Many of my creations are one-of-a-kind.  All of the pinecones are washed & dried before being assembled into a wreath or Christmas decoration & then, coated with a clear acrylic spray so they'll stay fresh for a long time.  It's all about being BACK to NATURE. 

Display the wreaths indoors or outdoors...if out, keep them under an awning & out of the rain. Water will make the cones close up, & even though they will re-open...the integrity of the wreath may change. If a wreath has nuts on it, & your home is in an area where squirrels

roam, just be aware they’ll want to eat them!

My HANDMADE SOAPS, all thoughtfully handcrafted to reflect the scents and

colors I find in Nature are a  perfect accompaniment to my other creations.

This year I embarked on candle-making and have gotten the hang of it quickly.

All of my CANDLES...like my soap are Nature-Inspired. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, especially about all the arts 

& crafts fairs that I do.



About MP Pinecone Designs

Upcoming Fairs & Festivals for MP Pinecone Designs

* O'Toole's Farmers Market  (ongoing every Tuesday) - Littleton, CO 

* Elizabeth Harvest Festival - Elizabeth, CO - Oct. 26

* Cannonball Bash - (Westin Hotel) - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Oct. 31 - Nov. 3

* Junior League Mile High Holiday Mart - (DU Gates Fieldhouse) -  Denver, CO - Nov. 8-10

* Elizabeth Middle School Craft Fair - Elizabeth, CO - Nov. 16

* Holiday Sugar Plum Bazaar (Denver Merchandise Mart) - Denver, CO - Nov. 23-24

* Horseshoe Holiday Market (Highlands Masonic Temple) - Denver, CO - Nov. 30 & Dec. 1

* Georgetown Christmas Market - (Strousse Park) - Georgetown, CO - Dec. 7-8 & Dec. 14-15

* Rino Holiday Bazaar - (Exdo Event Center) - Denver, CO - Dec. 22


* NAB (North American Bear) - Lexington, KY - Feb. 13-16

* TBRU (Texas Bear Round Up) - Dallas, TX - Mar. 12-15

* Tidal Wave Party - Orlando, FL - June 4-7

*** MORE tbd


List of Soap Scents

AUTUMN LEAVES - figs & smoky roasted tea leaves

BEAR(d) - cedar & leather

BLACKSMITH - leather, tobacco & bourbon

BLUE SKY - mountain spring, fresh cut grass & sandalwood

FOREST WALK - cedar, lavender & amber

GARDENER SOAP - grass, lavender & crisp cotton

LAVENDER FIELDS - lavender & baby's breath

LOG CABIN - amber, tobacco & bay leaf

LUMBERJACK - flannel, rum & pine

MOTHER NATURE - wildflowers, honey & black jasmine

PINECONE - mahogany & pine

PONDEROSA PINE - pine & vanilla

RAIN - rain, fresh bamboo & jasmine

RUSTIC WOODS - cinnamon, nutmeg & pumpkin

SNOWFLAKE - fresh snow, champagne & mint

STARGAZER - frankincense, myrrh & nag champa

SUMMER BREEZE - ginger patchouli, clover & crisp cotton

SUNSHINE - orange & sweet tart lemon

WOODLAND CHRISTMAS - pine & Christmas spice




201-401-1839 / info@mysite.com


5140 S. Pearl St., Littleton, CO 80121