SUNSHINE (fresh squeezed orange & buttery lemon)

MEADOW (lily, rose, lilac & fresh cut grass)

SUMMER BREEZE (cotton, clover & cucumber)

This could be the perfect gift trio for someone who LOVES Summertime!


3 Jar Candles

  • These are sets of 3 LARGE or 3 MEDIUM jar candles. Each of these candles is made with a soy blend so that you'll have the optimum scent throw while it's burning and is hand-poured in an eco-friendly, amber glass jar with a plain rim (so that it can be used as a vase when the candle is finished).  Each jar comes with an eco-friendly cork lid shown in the last two pics.

    Always be sure to trim the eco-friendly cotton/paper wick between burnings. This will help the candle burn more efficiently and reduce the amount of soot.

    Burn time: Large: 15oz - 65/70 hrs, Medium: 11oz -  45/50 hrs

    * To reuse the glass jar, make sure you ONLY hand-wash.

  • Sometimes setting shipping costs can be tricky. If you are buying multiple items, and I feel you've overpaid for shipping and handling, I will glady refund a portion of the payment.