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Handmade soap...all made by me, using the Cold Process Method. The scents, colors and names are all Nature-Inspired. You may buy 1 or 2 bars or if you wish to substitute another scent, just send a request.


PONDEROSA PINE - pine & vanilla

     * If you smell the bark of a Ponderosa Pine Tree, you'll get a hint of vanilla.


     Made with: coconut, olive & sweet almond oils, palm kernel flakes, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, coffee grounds, poppy seeds & fragrance oils


* Each bar is hand cut so slight variations in size may occur. (I try to keep them all as uniform as possible in the 5.6 oz - 6.1 oz range.)
* Also, sometimes color varies in each batch.


  • Shipping costs can be tricky. If you are buying multiple items, and I feel you've overpaid for shipping and handling, I will gladly refund a portion of the payment. Typically, I can get up to 8 bars in a flat rate shipping envelope.

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