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SUMMER BREEZE  (cotton, clover & cucumber)

     * This candle is going to make you think of Summertime when your mom hung the laundry out to dry...when you played endlessly outdoors...riding bikes, going to the beach and weeding the garden.


11 oz. or 6 oz. travel tin 


SKU: 0002
  • This candle is made with a soy/paraffin blend so that you'll have the optimum scent throw while it's burning and is hand-poured in an eco-friendly, amber glass jar with a plain rim (so that it can be used as a vase when the candle is finished). The jar candle comes with a simple paper dust cover. The travel tins are in a re-useable steel tin with a tight fitting lid.

    Always be sure to trim the eco-friendly cotton/paper wick between burnings. This will help the candle burn more efficiently and reduce the amount of soot.

    Burn time: Medium: 11oz -  40/45 hrs, Travel Tin: 6oz. - 20-25 hrs

    * To reuse the glass jar, make sure you ONLY hand-wash.

  • Sometimes setting shipping costs can be tricky. If you are buying multiple items, and I feel you've overpaid for shipping and handling, I will gladly refund a portion of the payment.

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